Employers must take all reasonable steps to prevent harassment and other inappropriate workplace behavior from occurring.    It is critical that there is an understanding of the vulnerable areas of the business and that there is the expertise to develop a code of conduct – or update an existing one – to ensure that risk areas are appropriately addressed. 

Ms. Fernandez Seebach believes that ethical crisis and similar issues can be successfully managed by including a compliance review.  Unlike other law firms and investigation organizations, the objective is not limited to finding culpability.  It is instead a forward-looking effort to address culture, processes and procedures that contributed to the situation, to prevent similar issues from arising in the future.
As a former Ethics Officer, Ms. Fernandez Seebach understands that a moment of crisis can be an opportunity for your organization to regroup and strengthen its culture.  Investigations are narrow, often defensive and almost always seeking to identify wrongdoers.  They are rarely focused on identifying systematic problems. 

There are no winners in an investigation and it always leaves an organization with open wounds that need to heal afterwards.  How to move forward after such a situation is among the biggest challenges.    Ms. Seebach has served as a coach and can help the individuals involved deal with these issues after the investigation has concluded.




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