Be part of the solution. When you train your employees you are informing them of the company's ethical expectations and setting a baseline for measuring their performance. At the same time, they learn how to handle difficult work-related scenarios that may arise. Training is a form of investment that pays off in the form of problems averted.

It enables you to proactively identify and manage risks in your organization and does so in the safe space of a training workshop. Creation of this "safe space" requires that the words and actions of management are consistent with the espoused values, and that employees perceive a sincere organizational commitment to upholding high standards of conduct.

For example, employees need to know that all individuals - regardless of their level in the organization - are held accountable for their behavior, and that the standards apply equally to everyone. To be effective, training must be partnered with dialogue at all levels and difficult conversations should be normalized to create a real culture change.




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