When an employee raises a complaint such as sexual harassment, the investigation must be conducted thoroughly and in a timely manner. It must be conducted objectively and in a fashion that ensures the privacy and confidentiality of not only the complainant but also the alleged harasser.

The objective of a workplace misconduct investigation is to discover the underlying reasons for the problem so corrective action can be taken. This doesn't always mean termination of the accused. When recommending appropriate remedies, it's important to consider the organizational culture, policies and procedures.

When an investigation is warranted, Ms. Fernandez Seebach works collaboratively with business clients - to the extent possible to ensure an impartial and objective investigation. An investigative plan appropriate to the suspected misconduct is developed.

A phased investigative approach is outlined with budgetary parameters for each phase. The scope and focus of investigative stages is determined in consultation with the clients, and adjustments are made based on the findings over time.

All investigations are conducted with sensitivity to matters of privacy, confidentiality and public perception.




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