Why should you consider an external investigator/law firm to conduct allegations of misconduct instead of having a senior manager or your Human Resources Department look into the allegations?

An external investigator will lend more credibility to the process and is not conflicted with internal work relationships. Of equal importance, the external investigator can devote full attention to the matter and do so with a level of expertise, objectivity, neutrality and impartiality that may be challenging for internal managers.

How can sexual harassment concerns be effectively addressed?

An investigation is the tip of the iceberg. Other elements to effectively addressing sexual harassment concerns are tailored training and ensuring that leadership walks the talk. Employees must have safe reporting channels.

Why hire Fernandez Seebach Law?

Ms. Fernandez Seebach has worked in Human Resources, In-house counsel and as a manager of investigations for both multilateral organizations and corporations. She understands what is at stake and how a poorly managed crisis can impact an organization and the morale of its employees. She has worked in global markets and conducted investigations in Africa, Latin America, Europe and across the United States. Her approach is holistic and not simply to conduct the investigation and leave the Company with questions of what to do next.

What approach do you take to training employees?

My approach emphasizes interactivity and engagement. Conversation and dialogue are more effective than PowerPoint in reaching adult learners. Material is customized based on ethics related risks in the organization.


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