Headed by Daisy Fernandez Seebach a licensed attorney in Florida and New York with over 2 decades of experience. Fernandez Seebach Law specializes in workplace and compliance training and investigations. Daisy is a seasoned employment lawyer and member of the Florida and New York Bars, she served as in-house counsel for Merck and Company, managed the internal investigations team at the World Bank Group, and served as the Chief Ethics Officer at the Inter-American Development Bank.

Ms. Fernandez Seebach is a native Spanish speaker and has a working knowledge of Italian who has engaged in workplace matters throughout the United States, Latin America, as well as in Europe, Africa and Asia. She has conducted over 500 investigations into allegations including hostile work environment, sexual harassment employee and managerial abusive conduct, bias, discrimination, corruption and whistleblower retaliation. Her role encompassed determining whether allegations required investigation, engaging in and overseeing investigations, and production of reports of investigation findings.




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She has provided guidance on ethics matters to senior management and helped ensure that policies, procedures, and practices of the organization reinforced and promoted the ethical standards embodied in corporate codes of ethics. Additionally, Ms. Seebach has developed training and reviewed the corporate compliance programs to ensure that they comply with the firm's policies and procedures.



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